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Yoga Coasters are a joint support cushion to benefit your knees, wrists, elbows, head and hip-bones while practicing yoga! I always found while practicing in a hot or really crowded yoga class, the blankets provided just tended to be too bulky, get in the way and would get all wet and gross from all the sweat! I needed to find a better solution… That’s where Yoga Coasters came in! They come in pairs and can be used for those with injuries; however they are a great help to those who need just some extra support in more advanced poses. Once placed on the mat, the coasters won’t slide out of place until you pick them up and move them; not only that, but the coasters are flat enough that you can continue your sun salutations without moving the coasters from your mat.



Eco-Friendly Materials

Yoga Coasters are made from the KharmaKhare.com eco-friendly yoga mats made from recycled rubber tires and natural rubber latex sourced from sustainable plantation rubber trees, to help reduce our ecological footprint in the manufacturing of consumer goods. Every Yoga Coaster is made from rubber tire that would otherwise be in a land fill or burnt for crude energy.



Please Note Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.  The information provided on this website is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease.  If you experience any pain, dizziness, discomfort or difficulty with any of the exercises depicted on this website or while otherwise using the Yoga Coasters, please stop and consult your physician.  Engaging in any exercise regimen involves the risk of injury.  Yoga Coasters shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages resulting from or connected with the use of the Yoga Coasters.