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“Much more enjoyable classes…Since I began using Yoga Coasters I can enjoy positions without pain to my knees and wrists. Before getting these I had to waste time folding my yoga mat for more cushioning for my knees, and by the timeI had done that the class had moved on in the flow of movements. I didn’t realize the pain in my wrists could be relieved by the extra padding I now have by putting Yoga Coasters under the palm of my hands. I can now sustain more time in downward dog or plank positions without discomfort in my wrists.  I never attend class or practice without them! Yay, Yoga Coasters!” — Judy

Excess pressure on my knees has created discomfort during my yoga practice and I used to use a blanket regularly to provide a little padding and cushion. The blanket was helpful but it interfered with my vinyasas and I felt like I was more focused on moving the blanket into the best position rather than my breath or postures! I was so exited to discover Yoga Coasters. They are compact, stay in place and provide great support without all the bulk of a blanket. And I love that they are made from recycled materials! I tell all my yogi friends about this fantastic product. — Lauren

“Yoga Coasters are the simplest fix to any pose causing pain.  I have a lot of trouble on my knees and always need to fold my mat or use a blanket which i then need to remove after the pose – really disrupts the flow.  The Yoga Coasters are great because they don’t get in the way and provide the perfect amount of comfort.  I use them in my classes as well when I see a student is have trouble getting comfortable in a pose.  No need to for anyone to feel pain during their practice.”  — Melissa (Yoga Booty Ballet Teacher)